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Adopted January 25, 1991
Amended at Annual Conference, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996, 1997, 2001 and 2002
(March 2008 Printing)


Section 1. The name of this organization shall be the UTAH ORDINANCE COMPLIANCE ASSOCIATION (U.O.C.A.).

Section 2. The geographical area that the association represents shall be all federal, state, county, city or other political subdivisions within the State of Utah, but may include membership from other areas.


Section 1. This organization is organized:

A. To operate, without profit to the organization or its members, as a state wide association to advance, educate, and improve efforts of federal, state, county, city and other political subdivision employees who are actively involved with the responsibility for obtaining compliance with land use related codes without regard to race, creed, color, national origin or gender;

B. To encourage professionalism with regard to the standardization of compliance activities for land use related codes;

C. To study and advance the practice of ordinance compliance through training and education;

D. To exchange information, publish and disseminate professional materials relating to updated land use related laws;

E. To develop procedures and programs and provide specialized services relating to ordinance compliance and the promotion of such programs;

F. To promote policies that will facilitate and improve ordinance compliance procedures;
G. To organize and implement educational programs for the public in an effort to give the public a better understanding of land use related laws and ordinances.


Section 1. The membership shall consist of those persons who are involved with, or have an interest in the responsibility for obtaining compliance with land use related laws and ordinances of any federal, state, county, city, or other political subdivision thereof.

Section 2. The annual period of membership for all categories shall be from Annual Conference to Annual Conference.

Section 5. Annual Dues.

A. Annual dues shall be established by a majority vote of the Executive Committee.

B. Annual dues shall be due and payable at or before the Annual Conference. Any member, who has failed to pay current dues by conclusion of the annual conference, shall be dropped from the membership roster. Such member may be reinstated upon payment of dues.

C. Jurisdictional membership dues shall be recognized and shall allow for all ordinance compliance individuals in said jurisdiction to be members.

D. Dues shall entitle the jurisdiction members to receive the newsletter, attend all meetings, and other privileges of membership. Only Active Members in good standing shall be entitled to vote on Association business.

Section 6. Membership Status.

A. Any member may be suspended and/or removed from the roll of U.O.C.A. upon finding by the EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE, and with a concurring vote of the majority of the active members in good standing, taken by a secret ballot, that said member has acted in such a manner as to bring discredit upon U.O.C.A.

B. Any member in default of his/her financial responsibilities to U.O.C.A. for a period of six months shall be dropped from the roll of U.O.C.A.


Section 1. The officers of the association shall be six (6) in number and shall be a President, 1st Vice-President / President Elect, 2nd Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer and Training Officer. The officers shall be elected by the membership at the Associations annual conference and shall serve until the next annual conference or until their successors are appointed by the President to serve an unexpired term. The immediate Past President shall be an ex-officio officer.

Section 2. Any member “in good standing” shall be eligible for office. “In good standing” is defined as a member meeting all requirements for membership as defined herein.


A. DUTIES OF THE PRESIDENT: The President shall be directly responsible for the supervision and guidance of the affairs of the association and shall preside over all meetings. The President shall enforce the By-Laws of this association and perform other duties that would be recognized as being part of the office. The headquarters of the association shall be the office of the President. The President shall chair the NEWSLETTER/MONTHLY MEETING COMMITTEE, the LEGISLATIVE COMMITTEE and the COMPUTER/WEBSITE COMMITTEE.

B. DUTIES OF THE 1ST VICE-PRESIDENT / PRESIDENT ELECT: The 1st V.P. will preside over all meetings in the absence of the President. The 1st Vice-President shall assume the duties of President after the expiration of the President's term of office or whenever a vacancy in the office of President shall occur. The 1st Vice-President shall chair the ANNUAL CONFERENCE COMMITTEE.

C. DUTIES OF THE 2ND VICE-PRESIDENT: The 2nd V.P. shall preside over meetings in the absence of the President and 1st Vice-President. The 2nd Vice President shall assume the duties of the 1st Vice President after the expiration of the 1st Vice President’s term of office or whenever a vacancy in said office shall occur. The 2nd Vice President shall chair the MEMBERSHIP/RECRUITMENT/PROMOTION COMMITTEE.

D. DUTIES OF THE SECRETARY: The Secretary shall keep a complete record of all proceedings of the organization and shall be the recording officer and custodian of the records including correspondence. The Secretary shall keep readily available at all meetings such records as the book of minutes which shall include a record of all Association Meetings and Executive Committee meetings listing the date meeting was held, the people in attendance, all items discussed and the results of any votes taken and decisions made. The Secretary shall keep a copy of the By-Laws, roster of the membership, complete list of any standings or special committees, and other records as necessary. The Secretary may appoint assistants as needed and shall chair the NOMINATING COMMITTEE.

E. DUTIES OF THE TREASURER: The Treasurer shall be the custodian of all monies of the association. The Treasurer shall be responsible to assure that all dues of all members are paid in full prior to the opening of the annual conference and shall report it to the EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE. All collections and expenditures of U.O.C.A. funds shall be checked and signed by the Treasurer and the President. The EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE, prior to the annual conference, shall audit the Treasurer’s books and records each year. A report of all expenditures shall be made available to all members of the association. At the annual conference, the Treasurer shall present a financial statement. The Treasurer shall keep the Association advised of any laws that affect the association and assure that the Association is in compliance with all laws and procedures. The Treasurer shall chair the FINANCE/BUDGET COMMITTEE.

F. DUTIES OF THE IMMEDIATE PAST PRESIDENT: The Immediate past President shall serve as an advisor to the other officers.

G. DUTIES OF THE TRAINING OFFICER: The Training Officer shall maintain a record of the training hours completed by all members of the Association, which will include the category of training received, the date the training was obtained and the number of hours needed for the member to renew or obtain certification. The Training Officer shall maintain and update a training manual and administer the certification process including conducting the testing of members for certification. The Training Officer shall chair the CERTIFICATION/TRAINING COMMITTEE.

Section 4. The term of office shall be one year. The 1st Vice-President/President Elect shall serve as 1st Vice-President for one year and then as President for one year. The 2nd Vice-President shall serve as 2nd Vice-President for one year, then 1st Vice-President for one year and then as President for one year

Section 5. No person shall hold more than one elective office at the same time.

Section 6. No officer shall be elected to more than two consecutive terms for any one office, except the office of President, which, because of succession, shall be limited to one term.

Section 7. If any vacancy occurs between annual conferences among officers, the President shall fill the vacancy by appointment for the remainder of the term of that officer, and such appointment shall be subject to confirmation by majority vote of the Executive Committee.

Section 8. In the event a vacancy is created in the office of the President, the 1st Vice-President/President Elect shall immediately vacate his/her office and assume the office of the President. The 2nd Vice-President shall fill the office of the 1st Vice-President/President Elect and the office of 2nd Vice President shall be filled as in Section 7 above.

Section 9. Removal from office: Any officer may be removed from office, for cause, by a majority vote of the members in good standing.

Section 10. “For cause” shall include failure to attend multiple monthly meetings, failure to attend multiple executive committee meetings, misappropriation of association funds, failure to fulfill the responsibilities of the office including committee assignments, or actions which bring discredit to U.O.C.A., and other such serious items.

Section 11. Vacancies, which occur, as a result of removal from office shall be filled in the same manner as other vacancies stated in Sections 7 & 8.


Section 1. The elected officers and the Immediate past President shall constitute the EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE.

Section 2. The EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE shall manage the business and affairs of this association including its financial development. The Committee shall act upon all appointments made by the President to fill vacancies in offices. A majority vote shall be required to pass upon resolutions of the Committee and transact other Committee business. No Committee Member may vote by proxy or appoint a proxy to vote for him/her.

Section 3. The EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE shall hold at least (3) three business meetings annually:

A. As soon as practical following the annual conference of the association following their election; and

B. A mid-year meeting; and

C. Preceding the annual conference of the association.

Section 4. The EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE may meet at times and places as needed to conduct the affairs of the association.

Section 5. Meetings may be established by the President or by a majority of the EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE. All members of the EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE shall be notified of all meetings.

Section 6. The EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE, prior to the annual conference, shall audit the Treasurer’s books and records each year.


Section 1. Election of officers:

A. Prior to the annual conference, the NOMINATING COMMITTEE, which shall consist of three or more persons who are active members in good standing in the association, shall present a list of candidates for officers to the membership. Members desiring to be considered for office shall make their desires known to the nominating committee.

B. The NOMINATING COMMITTEE shall prepare a slate of nominees, after soliciting from the general membership listed on the roster, for all officers.

C. The NOMINATING COMMITTEE may select and recommend more than one person for all offices, not to exceed (3) three persons per office.
D. Nominations for officers may be made from the floor at the beginning of the annual conference. Once a full slate of candidates is obtained, including any nominated from the floor, the EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE shall prepare a ballot and present said ballot to the members in attendance for their votes.

E. The EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE shall tally the votes at the annual conference and the results shall be announced during the business session at the conclusion of the conference.

F. In the event of a tie vote, the EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE shall prepare a new ballot for those positions in which a tie vote is obtained and have the membership at the conference vote again. The EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE shall proceed as in D and E above. This procedure shall continue until a winning candidate is obtained.

Section 2. Except as stated elsewhere in these By-Laws, all matters of business of the association shall be determined by a majority vote.

Section 3. Only members in good standing shall be eligible to vote on matters of the association.

Section 4. The EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE shall determine the eligibility for voting on specific business matters.

Section 5. A quorum for a valid vote shall be the members in good standing present.


Section 1. The Annual Conference shall be held within the state. The ANNUAL CONFERENCE COMMITTEE shall recommend the agenda, time, and place for the Annual Conference with input and final approval from the Executive Committee. The date and location shall be made known to the membership at least (2) months prior to the conference.

Section 2. At least (30) thirty days prior to each annual conference, notice shall be made to all members and any other interested persons or agencies. The notice shall include time and place, the amount of the registration fee, and the tentative program. If there are any amendments to the By-Laws to be considered at the annual conference, a copy of the proposed amendments will be included with the notices to each member of the association.

Section 3. Parliamentary authority for the association shall be Roberts Rules of Order, Revised, latest edition, insofar as such rules of order will not conflict with these By-Laws or special rules of order adopted by the association. Rules may be adopted by resolution or incorporated by the association. Rules may be adopted by resolution or incorporated in the by-laws by a vote of the membership.


Section 1. The following committees may be constituted:

A. Newsletter/Monthly Meeting Committee

B. Annual Conference Committee

C. Membership/Recruitment/Promotion Committee

D. Nominating Committee

E. Finance/Budget Committee

F. Certification/Training Committee

G. Legislative Committee

H. Computer/Website Committee

Section 2. Committee membership shall be established by appointment of the officer who chairs that committee.

Section 3. Committee members shall be selected from the membership at large and shall serve for the term of office of the chair of the committee.

Section 4. The President may, when deemed necessary and appropriate, appoint special committees to perform specific and limited duties. The tenure of each special committee shall be for the duration of the specific duty assigned it, but shall not exceed beyond the end of the U.O.C.A. annual year in which the particular committee was appointed, except that any committee may be continued the following year by the succeeding President.


Section 1. Proposed amendments to the By-Laws of the Association may be brought before the membership at the monthly meeting preceding the annual conference for discussion.

Section 2. Proposed amendments may be brought before the membership at the annual conference following proper Robert's Rules of Order procedures as stated in these by-laws.

Section 3. Any proposed amendment shall require a majority vote of those members in attendance at the Annual Conference for adoption.


Section 1. The EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE shall establish regular monthly meetings for the general membership for the purposes of training, discussion of issues of interest to the membership, and other items as deemed appropriate by the EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE. Times and places for the meetings are to be arranged by the President and agreed on by the EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE. Training speakers will be determined and arranged for collectively by the Executive Committee with a focus on training needs for members to receive certification.

Section 2. The EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE may establish other general meetings for the benefit of the Association as deemed necessary or desirable by the Committee.

Section 3. The general membership shall be notified of the agenda, time, and place of all meetings established under the authority of this article.


Section 1. Donations shall be considered ONLY for the death of active members of the organization and/or their immediate family (i.e. spouse/significant other or child).

Section 2. Requests for donations shall be submitted to the EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE with the name and address of the person to receive the donation. The relationship of the deceased to our organization shall be stated on the request.

Section 3. The EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE shall review the information submitted. The donation shall be $100.00 (One Hundred Dollars).